THE GÖRAN SCHILDT REGATTA - now in its 9th year, attracting around 30 - 40 yachts and often billed ´a friendship regatta´, the hallmark of this event is a casual, friendly and fun-filled atmosphere. Many families, couples and friends join together to sail the four day event and and a large number of cruisers join for the experience of sailing through some of the Mediterranean Sea’s most amazing maritime scenery. As the writer Göran Schildt put it: "it's a sailor's paradise".

With several days of sailing and a lot of cultural program the Göran Schildt regatta is surely a regatta where you get close to new people, making friends and crossing cultural borders. 

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9th International Göran Schildt Regatta

Skipper`s meeting on Leros during the GSR17
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Samos Marina during GSR17
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