GS Regatta 2017

In 2017 we were celebrating Göran Schildt a hundred year anniversary. It was the 8th regatta and due to the jubilee we planned for the 2017 regatta to be a very special one. For the first time throughout the regatta history we sailed for four whole days while covering a distance of one hundred nautical miles.

There was both Finnish and Greek cultural program on the menu as well as the opportunity to explore four beautiful islands.

gs regatta flyer 2017

Sail a hundred nautical miles


Sunday, September 10

-  Photo Exhibition Opening: "Göran Schildt - Travels in Eastern Mediterranean". The Finnish architect Iris Andersson’s work about Göran Schildt’s home - Villa Kolkis - on Leros is also on display in the same facilities. The work consists of aquarelles and drawings. Place: NC Leros / Lakki
  -  A concert to honour Göran Schildt 100 years together with Finnish musicians. Place: Lakki Cinema / Leros.

Monday, September 11
9am  -  Skipper's meeting at the Nautical Club / Leros /Lakki
12am  -  Start of Race 1, Leros - Lipsi, distance 18 nautical miles.
8pm  -  Beach party on Lipsi.

Tuesday, September 12
8am  -  Start of Race 2, Lipsi - Samos (Pythagorion), distance 30 nautical miles.
8pm  -  On Samos there is a welcome gathering on the quay of Samos Marina with drinks/music/and folklore dance.

Wednesday, September 13
8am  -  Start of Race 3, Samos - Patmos, distance 30 nautical miles.
8pm  -  In Diakofti there will be an outdoor feast associated with a Greek Orthodox  celebration of “The Day of the Finding of the Cross”. The sailors can join the meal and program section which includes live Greek music. Each one decides whether to participate, but on the skipper's meeting, everyone who is interested in joining the feast need to notify the organisers. Transportation is arranged.

Thursday, September 14
10am  -  Start of Race 4, Patmos - Leros (Lakki), distance 22 nautical miles.
8pm  -  Closing Ceremony at Leros Nautical club with prize giving, food and Greek music.

For registration and participation
Please contact:  magnus.lindberg(at)
Mobile:  +358 (0)40 1262862

Here you can download the program for Sunday 10 September:


 konsert sondag 10.9.2017
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