GS Regatta 2018

16-20 September

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In 2018 we are sailing the 9th Göran Schildt Regatta. In 2017 we included the island of Samos in the regatta program. This year we are planning to spend one whole day on Samos. Thus we can offer a tailored cultural program on Samos on Tuesday 18 September.

GS Regatta 2017

In 2017 we were celebrating Göran Schildt a hundred year anniversary. It was the 8th regatta and due to the jubilee we planned for the 2017 regatta to be a very special one. For the first time throughout the regatta history we sailed for four whole days while covering a distance of one hundred nautical miles.

GS Regatta 2016

For the first time in seven years, we sailed to the island of Patmos. The sailing route was Leros - Patmos - Lipsi – Leros. The event attracted twenty-five participating boats which made it the second largest regatta since the start in 2010. All the boats crossing the starting line also finished after completing the whole race.

GS Regatta 2015

On 13-17 September 2015 the GS Regatta was organized for the sixth consecutive year. In 2015 it was the refugee situation and Greece's harsh economic situation that made the event particularly challenging for the organisers. Everything went well and we sailed to the beautiful Greek islands of Arki and Lipsi.

GS Regatta 2014

The first GS Regatta in 2013 proved to be a great concept and during the GS Regatta 2014 we celebrated a five year jubilee. The five year jubilee attracted twenty eight boats from eight different countries and the GS Regatta became the second largest international regatta in Greece.

GS Regatta 2013

In 2013, it was time for the first Göran Schildt Regatta. The very same year we celebrated that it was 50 years since Göran Schildt sailed into the lagoon like bay of Levitha. The small classical islands of Arki and Levitha were included in the race route.

GS Regatta 2012

In 2012 the GS Memory Race was held 22 September and now it was possible again to pursue the entire race around Leros despite quite fresh winds. GSMR had now been sailed for three years and the event was ripe to evolve to include several days of sailing. The first ideas of taking the necessary steps towards a regatta were born.

GS Regatta 2011

In 2011 the "GS Memory Race" was sailed on 21 September. The wind speed was over six Beaufort and the organisers decided to change the race route. The race started from Lakki and the boats went around the island of Piganoussa on the southeastern side of Leros.

GS Regatta 2010

"The Göran Schildt Memory Race" was implemented for first time as an offshore race around the island of Leros. This happened 22 September 2010. The festivities lasted for three days and the whole event was a great success.
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